Local authority development scheme threatens a golf club’s future

This long-established private members’ club was included in a development scheme that could ultimately result in the closure of the golf club. Cornerstone Golf were engaged to see whether a sustainable future for the club was possible.


Cornerstone Golf were appointed for a fixed-term project to produce an admissible report evaluating both the viability and community service provided by the club, against the backdrop of golf provision within its catchment area.


Cornerstone Golf reviewed the history of the club, historic trading performance, market situation and positioning, and competitor set to arrive at a view on the club’s sustainability, and its role within the community. The 60-page research paper was prepared following a number of visits to the club and competitors along with further desktop analysis and a series of mystery calls and visits. These were included in the project submissions to assess whether the club should be included within the development plan and if so, how and when it should be incorporated.

Business Outcomes

A research paper, and its associated schedules, evaluated:

  • Existing golf facility provision in the area
  • Assessment of the financial viability of the club
  • Supply and demand for golf in the area
  • Assessment of comparable facilities within the catchment
  • Review summary by club
  • Assessment of peak-time capacity at nearby facilities
  • Quality of facility and costs offered by similar facilities
  • Details of where displaced users and activities could be relocated, if required
  • Accessibility of alternative courses

The paper was submitted as part of the evidence in the planning hearing, which is ongoing.

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