Industry Bodies and Local Government

Cornerstone Golf is a trusted advisor to industry bodies and local government, with over 30 years of proprietary data and market intelligence helping to shape evidence-based, data-driven solutions.

Success Stories

Managing a golf club through a period of unprecedented change

A quality, contemporary members’ club was to be affected by a housing development on adjoining land. Its owners asked Cornerstone Golf to assist in managing the club during a planning period and assist them with professional communications for the proposed changes to the golf course and facilities that were set to follow.

Local authority development scheme threatens a golf club’s future

This long-established private members’ club was included in a development scheme that could ultimately result in the closure of the golf club. Cornerstone Golf were engaged to see whether a sustainable future for the club was possible.

Successfully managing the impact of significant civil works

This private members’ club was subject to a compulsory civil works order that would permanently alter the design of the golf course, have short and medium-term impacts on the trading opportunity of the business and, potentially, the asset value of the site. Faced with these unprecedented circumstances, the club turned to Cornerstone Golf to assist.


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