Golf Course Owners

Cornerstone Golf is a specialist advisor to golf course owners, delivering fast access to funding, rapid turnaround and management solutions.

Success Stories

Priming a Golf Club For Sale

See how Cornerstone Golf helped to maximise the sale value of one club resulting in 150% growth to the overall value of the business.

Responding to a Membership Crisis

This young freehold proprietary members’ club fell into financial difficulty early, misjudging its market for membership. Cornerstone Golf came in to reassess the offering and put the club firmly back in the black.

Fixing a Broken Revenue Model

This 36-hole proprietary club in South East England were operating with a vulnerable revenue model. One that exposed them any time there were changes in consumer behaviour. Cornerstone Golf set out to shore up its footing, leading to a significant boost in turnover.


  • Short term interim solutions
  • Full Operations
  • Finance
  • Commercial
  • Operations
  • Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Golf Course Quality & Cost
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Social Media